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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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economists say indicate a healthy job market. some economic gurus believe the wall street wackiness is tied to investors looking down th bumpy employment road. >> a belief is that investors are selling ahead of the july jobs report, which many people believe will be a lot weaker than what the consensus is expecting right now at about 90,000 jobs. >> reporter: but it also looks like the markets leave seas are causing a ripple effect here in the states. european stocks sinking across the board. indexes in italy, germany, and england, each fell 3% because of the concerns that italy and spain may need a helping hand from the eeu. >> while most investors believe that europe can handle a greek default as well as additional debt problems from ireland and portugal, it would likely have much more problems trying to swallow the debt problems of both spain and italy. >> reporter: trading has been
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volatile this week with concerns the american economy is getting weaker. the latest reports are manufacturing, consumer spending and hiring by private companies and they're below levels that signal a healthy situation. in new york, ashley webster, fox 5 news. >> to help us better understand what is fueling the downward spiral, anderson wazne is here with us. thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. >> in your opinion, what is behind today's plunge? >> we think today's plunge is simply a reaction on the ongoing political situation that has been going on for a couple of weeks. we sent out a letter earlier this week to our clients to let them know that they needed to expect volatility. the politicians had to push the debt crisis to the very end in order to be able to get political cover to come out and say i had no choice but to vote for it and now everyone's complaining about it. as a result of them complaining about it, everyone's focussing on the bad news and taking their eye off of the ball.
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>> if the marks were going to react -- markets were going to react to the debt crisis, wouldn't that have happened earlier this week? markets will react when they're ready to react. the volatility shows up when it does and we have to be prepared for that bumpy road. >> what about the current situation overseas? in europe -- in europe. could this all be coming together in a perfect storm? there is a possibility that the headlines are driving it, but in terps of looking at it as an investment opportunity, this is not something that is not known. everyone's aware that europe has had problems, but this is not a surprise and the fact that it's culminating in this volatility, is that it's culminating in this volatility. >> and the jobs report expected tomorrow, today's performance on wall street is not setting us up for a good day tomorrow, wouldn't you agree? certainly the jobs report is going to be something everyone is looking at and the volatility is likely to continue. now is the opportunity to look
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at your portfolio and to make sure you rebalance properly. now is not the time to make any radical changes. >> also, today's selloff, is that just fueled by fear in is it just people looking at twitter and reacting to the headlines and knee-jerk reaction and making the decisions based on fear in. i am sure some is fear and there is probably a certain amount of margin calls that have come in where people didn't have a choice but to sell because the margins came to. >> and there has been a lot of talk and fear about double-dip recession. you think we're headed toward that? we may have a recession but right now, the indicators are that we are continueing to grow. we're not in a recession at this point. we're not showing signs indicating we're heading to a recession. and we're growing at a pace weaker than we like but we're growing. >> i will look to so what happens tomorrow. thank you for being with us
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tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. more than 70,000 furloughed workers from the fa meyer shields soon get back to work. -- faa may soon get back to work. there is a bipartisan agreement. it started almost two weeks ago. at issue, the $16.5 million in subsidies to rural airlines. democrats want to extend the subsidies and republicans do not. now, terms of the new deal are under wraps and officials say the deal could pass by friday. and president obamaing lose up to $1 billion if the -- president obama could lose up to $1 billion. the virginia campus was in lockdown and yet began with three teenagers from a d.c. summer camp reporting they saw what is believed to be a person looking like this and carrying what they believe is a weapon covered with a blanketing. the officials issued as -- blanket. they warned to stay inside. the quick response was prompted by the shooting massacre four
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years ago where cho killed 33 people. >> you had a report from students, albeit young people that they thought they mate have seen someone with a gun. and yes, in this day and age, we don't think we had any other choice but to issue a campus alert. >> at this point, the police have not found anyone fitting the gunman's description and there is no other sightings. >> the students who reported seeing the gunman are from the d.c.-based camp higher achievement. the camp's ceo joins us. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> you have been in contact with your campers and how have they been tote? >> i have been in contact with the staff who is meeting the students from the visit tova virginia tech and back to d.c. >> the kids are on the way back here? exactly. >> and we heard a short time ago about how quickly the university responded to the situation. how did you guys, how did higher achievement reach out to local parents and make them
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aware of the situation there? it's part of our protocol that we inform the families first. the students reported to the staff who was managing them and the staff reported to the university authorities and the university authorities really reacted expeditiously around this and we contacted the families to make sure that they know the students and the staff are safe and secure and that they're protected and the situation by the university. >> and how have the parents been responding to you once learning about this news? and parents have been reacting normally. they were worried and they wanted to know if their children were safe and free from harm, which they were. >> and let me ask you, were the kids coming back today or now as a result of the situation? >> no, this is the last day of a three-day college trip that the middle school students experience every summer and they have had a full three days already and they were on the way back prior to the incident. >> and we're certainly glad
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they're okay and parents are notified and they're on the way safely. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> many of you may remember virginia tech was the scene of the deadliest college shooting in history. the gunman went on a shooting range age killing 33 people -- rampage killing three people. because of that tragedy, the campus has a faster alert system. they use twitter, email, and the university website. >> two family members killed in what appears to be in a homicide. john henrehan is working the story and joins us live from police headquarters in palmer park with the latest. john, a tragedy, indeed. >> reporter: laura, police have been questioning a person connected with the case since before dawn today, but at this point, investigators are not sure whether they have a suspect or even a motive 4:37 a.m., police say, someone who
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lives in this house on hickory drive called 911. two people had been shot to death j. this is a double -- . >> this is a double homicide scene, an active one at this point and early in the investigation. you have detectives throughout the neighborhood that are going door-to-door, talking to witnesses and what they may have seen and heard and what they know about the folks liveing in this home. >> reporter: neighbors told us a quiet family lied here, frank and patricia harris and their 20-year-old son also called frank harris. >> like everything was going fine there. >> did police call? >> never. never. >> and that is -- to cut the grass and sit in the yard with the wife, you know. >> reporter: another neighbor told us the father in the backyard would host backyard campouts for the son's troupe. the victims are the mother, 56- year-old patricia mercer harris and her son frank jr.. young frank graduated from
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friendly high school in tate tate and working in -- in 2008 and working in d.c. he can not wait to start classes in the fall at the college of southern maryland. just an hour ago, the police disclosed the mother and adult son killed died of multiple gunshot wounds, that rules out murder/suicide. they're working to determine a motive and suspect in this double murder. there is another son connected to the family, he was from a previous relationship from the mother and at this point, we don't know and maybe police don't know who is responsible for a murder of the mother and her adult son on the quiet street in the indian head section of prince georges county. >> was it audible gunshots that alerted the neighbors? is that why they called 911? >> no, the call came from someone who lives in the residence. they have not identified that someone but from our
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conversations with neighbors, it almost certainly has to be the father. >> and that person has not been able to provide any evidence or information? police have not confirmed to us that they are talking with the father. they're simply saying that they're talking with whoever was living there. >> i see. >> and the neighbors tell us three people were living, there the father, mother, and adult son. again, no current suspect, no known motive, according to the investigators. >> still early in the investigation. john henrehan, thank you. today is the sixth day of camping -- training camp. dave feldman is live at redskins park with the state of the skins. >> also ahead, we're staying on top of new developments in the uk phone hacking scandal. this time, pierce morgan is the one who is feeling the heat. that is coming up. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> redskins training camp got underway on friday. today marked the first time a number of newly aikido acquired players took the field. -- a number of newly acquired players took the feel. >> reporter: they moved the walk-through to this morning at 8:30 and when they were going have practice and moved the practice to 4:00 p.m. with the hope to get the free
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agents on the field and it was a good plan and didn't quite work out, at least not in the beginning. it had all of the best intentions. here was the scenario, the skins practice did start after 4 and 16 players acquired via free agency could not take the field because the collective bargaining agreement was in the final stages of being ratified. the nfl calendar did officially begin and free agents were allowed to finally start doing drills and take the field. the redskins free agent catch is cofield, a defensive tackle who signed a six-year, $36 million deal with 12.5 of that guaranteed. and that is -- he's expected to -- what do you have? >> i am going to leave all in the field. i will have players with a lot of energy and a high character guy. and that is the biggest thing i want to get across the fans here in the d.c. area. and i think on game day, the
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way i played with which i played, they will be fans of ours. and all of the players are now indeed practicing. we'll have more on that later on. rex grossman will join lindsay must have beeny and me live at 6:20 and -- lindsay must by will have me live at 6:30 and we worked out with the first ladies of football. i can hear the belly laugh there and it's a difficult assignment but someone had to do it and dave and i did it. >> were you wearing skirts? >> we were not wearing skirts but one of the daves boarded on losing his professionallity, he's under 5'7", but i won't say which one. >> i can't wait for this one. >> yeah, it's going to be good j. we'll see you soon. thank you, feldy. >> reporter: all right. to a developing story from capitol hill, congressman david rules oregon resigned after encounter an 18-year-old d woman. the oregon newspaper first
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published the allegations but the young woman hasn't pursued charges. the staff was conceptual. he's the fourth member to resign this year due to a sex scandal. there is a brand new angle in the uk hacking story. heather mills claims the journalist from the daily mirror newspaper group admitted hacking her voice mail. it happened in 2001 when pierce morgan was running the paper. he was not the one who hacked her voice mail but in 2006, he heard a message that mccartney left for his wife. morgan denied any knowledge of phone hacking while there. this afternoon, paul mccartney announced he would be contacting the police over possible hacking of his phones. the scandal began with the investigation of the new closed "news of the world" and expanded to investigations of other british papers. news corp is a parent company of news of the world and fox 5. montgomery county police claim a mother shot and killed her 13-year-old son and then
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turned the gun on herself. psychiatrist margaret gensfold and her son ben were found in the home in kensington yesterday. the ex-husband claims she may have shot the son to keep him from enduring anymore bullying. ben was on the autism spectrum and he was overweight. as a mental health professional, the ex-husband jamie said she struggled to cope with the pain of seeing her son suffer. the questions tonight, what can parents of special needs children do to help the kids and themselves? the psychiatrist lisa van susteren is here with answers. thank you for coming in. appreciate it. >> happy to be here. >> and based on everything i have read about this, this mother, she was a wonderful mother, she did everything she could for her son, her son got back from the camp where he was battling his weight, had lost 100-pounds and it's rather surprising that this happened, is it not? well, it isn't very common, but, it is true and i have had a couple of chases -- cases where that their have been suedes of a mother and a child
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by -- been cases of a mother and a child by suicide and there is a deep, dark depression and because of the illness, feels like there are fewer and fewer options. as that happens, it's the kind of chronic condition and an additional stressor emerges and the fuse on that time bomb is lit. and apparently that is what happened here. the child was refused admission to a school and that was the precipitating event, apparently. >> is it possible she was pushed to the limit with everything going? that is what sometimes happens. the mother's trying to do what she can to fix things but they don't see clearly when they're deeply depressed like this, and so using the resources more fully, getting help herself if she's feeling overwhelmed -- these are all things when you're in a deep, dark place, you don't see these obligations. >> uh-huh. >> this is what happened in
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these this case. >> and what can a family member do? is the a feature, something someone's going through in. >> and there are things we can look for when people are overwhelmed. you will hear in the discussions and the dialogue with others, there will be themes that they feel helpless, there will be themes that they feel powerless to make charges, that they believe there are not many obligations, that they feel very bad about leaving a child potentially open to social pressures, were the child not to be taken care of by then and you begin to here the theme as being in a home. when you hear something like that, take action. the county does have services that people can take victim of. >> and do you call the county? do you call a mental health professional or talk to the person? >> all of the above. do all you can and bring other people in.
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sometimes people are afraid if they open this discussion with the person that it will be the precip tant on. on the contrary. it usually makes them feel less isolated and it's their isolation that makes them believe there is no alternatives. seeking them directly and getting services from the county, the government is there and the county government will provide some help and going to those services and talking to the family members, they're good concrete steps to take. >> a sad situation, thank you for coming in tonight and that is shedding light on trying to make sense of this. thank you. we'll be right back.
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>> emily is delivering some dangerously heavy rain to haiti and the domenican republic right now, increasing the threat of mud slides. an air force plane inside the storm new detailing the latest conditions. as emily crosses over the mountains, it appears to be weakening and we'll have to
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wait and see what happens when and if it moves offland and goes over the water. a mess down there. >> and gary, what is the change here sort of mean? >> emily has weakened now and no longer technically is emily a tropical storm. and from the hurricane center just in there now calling emily an extra tropical system now, and that does not mean she'll stay an extra tropical system. and we'll show you that the wind speeds are down to 35 miles per hour and any time the storms have to deal with hispaniola they always weaken and drop a top of rain, dump what they have been holding in all of the thors. that is why they're getting all of that rain for haiti and it's very mountainous and you get all of that rain and that is helped by the lifting of the mountains lifting that air and that can produce a lot of rain. that doesn't mean it's going to
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continue to stay that way and it will move to the northwest and brushing by plaflorida and the potential to -- by florida and the potential to become a hurricane. not bad out, there moment, frederick; 88, fredericksburg and we have clouds in place right now and that is kind of a mix and clouds and that is going to be that way tonight. the clouds linger through the evening hours and some temperatures dropping down. wouldn't that be nice to get the temperatures in the upper 70s by 11:00 and we'll have a full look at the forecast coming up into the weekend and that is going to come back with news 2 when fox 5 news at 5 continues. stay with us. o
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>> i can believe it's august already? back to school time and that
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means checking off the back-to- school supply list. melanie alnwick is checking out all the deals and joins us with saving strategies. >> and report we all? >> this is the big time of the year and the parents and that is big for retailers. it's second only to holiday shopping and the stores that get shoppers in the doors and that means they're dangling big discounts on certain supplies. >> and that is -- >> paper, feelers, book covers. -- fold every, book covers -- crossing off the supply list is pricy. >> i got my son, you know, the crayons and some scissors and things like that. that adds up. >> reporter: the national retail federation estimates an average family's list will cost $89 and that is where pjs friend, a mom and school teacher, checks out the sale circulars to find good deals. >> we're trying to stock our rooms for 25 kids coming in and making sure they're lasting throughout the whole year. when i can pay a peppy for a
5:30 pm
pack -- penny for a pack of glue sticks, at this point, i might as well stock up. >> reporter: discount drug is drug and office supply stores are rolling out weekly specials. you have to shop quickly. >> lake friday sales. >> and wisely. >> kids are hard on the on the things they use. you have to spend the money to the higher quality items. >> reporter: these are the equipments moms say they're worth getting. binders, pens wills and markers. >> it writes better. >> reporter: definitely don't skimp on the backpack. her son from last year is in perfect shape to be used again. >> i look for size and you want to make sure it's sturdy, like it feels it's going to last. >> reporter: as for everything else, it pays to shop around. office depot and staples have basics on sale for less than a dollar. the selection there is from week-to-week. staples also has a savings pass and costs $10 for a 15%
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discount and this makes sense if you have $100 of shopping to do. >> and they share more shopping tips on their site, macaroni kids. >> deals are a good thing. >> especially if you can use the sayings to buy extra for the school. >> you have to act fast. they agreed to leave the upcoming weekend sales to me. stainos with 50% off back backs, office depot, one cent glue and 50-cent benders and a five-pack of sharps. these are the deals coming up in the sunday circular and we have a complete list on the website. >> i'm excited about this. and i know. >> what else are parents doing? and that is interesting. one of the things, scour your house first. we know we have pens coming out, right in and go through those first and see if you have
5:32 pm
things on your list. >> uh-huh. >> glue and -- tape as well. you know, shop in bulk and divide it up with friends. time is mean, right? >> and we say i don't have time to go store-to-store and if all three of us went to different stores, week take victim of most of the deals. >> i got target. >> i'm with you. okay. and the other thing, try to skip the characters. >> yeah. >> kids are fix will. if you go with the plain -- fickle, if you go with the plain stuff, it's cheaper. >> and they can wear the colleagues in the closet to school, right? >> and that coordinates, too. >> don't shop with the kids. >> i know. >> leave them home. >> exactly. >> and that is a good deal. >> we have new details about the massive ground turkey recall. cargill is recalling 33,000 pounds of turkey products linked to a nationwide
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salmonella outbreak, killed one person in california and made 26 others in 76 states sick. that is a dangerous strain resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics. cooking the meat kills the bacteria. a world war ii mystery came to an end. more than 60 years after the fact. and arlington national cemetary burial services were held for the 12 members of the bomber crew who disappeared in the south pacific. as tom fitzgerald reports their discovery and objection has brought generations of their family together. >> reporter: all of their lives, they heard stories of an uncle they never met. >> he was the guy who was always, you know, living care free and wanting to be on the edge a bit. >> reporter: his name was staff sergeant frederick harris. in world war 2 ie, served as aital gun or a b-24 gunner.
5:34 pm
>> and i heard about how you went missing, maybe it was a volunteer and no one knew the details. >> reporter: in october of 1943, harris and 11 of the crewmates took off from this airbase -- air base in new guinea. a reconnaissance mission and the crew was never seen alive again. the world war ii memorial commemorates the 16 million americans who fought in world war ii and 400,000 who died. even today, more than ask, years after then of the war, more than 79,000 people who served have remained and recovered unidentified. the shack rats' fate remained a mystery until august 2003, when a crew member's. d. card was found in new guinea. the site was so remote, forensic crews couldn't reach it until 2007 j. no one expected it or hoped for it. we didn't anyone was looking for anyone and then they're told us there are teams and
5:35 pm
military personnel. >> reporter: with dna evident from the relatives, the 12 members were identified and given full honors in a joint burial at arlington national cemetery. the ceremonies mark the end of a six decade mystery and the beginning of a generation's new appreciation of life and death. arlington is more than headstones and to make that connection the way they will recognize every headstone has a story. every family has a story. >> reporter: and after 68 years, the crew of the shack rat story has an end. in arlington national cemetary, tom fit earl, fox 5 news. -- tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a judge ruled an american defense contractor can sue former defense secretary donald rumsfeld personally over torture allegations. the army veteran said he was imprisoned unjustly and tortured by the u.s. military in iraq.
5:36 pm
his identity is being withheld. the government said he was suspected of helping get classified information to the enemy and helping anticoalition forces get into iraq. he was never charged with the crime. >> we are following breaking news now as polygamist leader warren jeffs who is convicted of sexual assault. you may remember jeffs was on trial now for sexually assaulting a 12 and a 15-year- old girl after what he called spiritual marriages. jeffs is the president of the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day sanes. the leader is convicted of the sexual assault charges and we'll have much more on the story coming up here on fox 5. we'll be right back. 
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>> a day at the beach turned into a nightmare for a california teenager. it happened yesterday at newport beach. he was digging a gigantic hold in the sand and dug down about 7 feet. the fence started caving in on
5:40 pm
him. beachgoers, lifeguards, firefighters jumped in to help out using shovels and anything they could find to help deg him out. it took 30 minutes for rescuers to get him out. >> i wondered how i lived to that. how can you tell if anyone heard me screaming help. just collapsed. and i felt like -- and like shaking my head everywhere. and i passed out. matt was rushed to the hospital for evaluation and you can see he's okay. they brought in a back hoe to fill in the big home. >> the now famous emperor penguin known as happy feet is preparing for his long journey home. the penguin became an internet sensation when he accidentally landed on a beach in new zealand in june 000s of miles from his -- in june 000s of miles from his birthplace. happy feet should be ready to return home later this month. >> don't go back to new zealand. >> yes, stay at home.
5:41 pm
and it may be thursday but we're thinking about the weekend here. why not? oh, yeah. >> and hopefully we'll have a little sunshine. the forecast is coming up. 
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>> all right, so sports reporters understand that there is no cheering in the press box during the game. they're supposed to be inbiased. that will be suspended for the next edition of dave versus dave. feldy, please tell me you're not wearing a cheerleading skirt? >> reporter: i'm not wearing a cheerleading skirt or the una tarred that you requested that -- unitarred that you requested. >> okay. >> we did go out and work out with the redskins hereleaders. the first ladies of football to see how easy or difficult it is and its out it's more than looking pretty and we did our
5:45 pm
part. >> with the first ladies of football, the washington redo skins cheerleaders. >> you're going to telephone us? >> the game day? >> and i want this to be a game day experience. and up and low. >> left, right. >> dave, you're stepping the wrong way. >> and circle high, low. >> high. >> low. >> don't be lazy. back right, left, good job, dave. circle your head, turn, strain those arms. they need to see the arms. >> the five of you trained in cpr? >> no. >> i may have pulled a groin already. >> make two lines. >> i'm sweating already. >> and to that -- . >> and this rookie. >> the first time, shenai. >> shenai? right, left, right, left.
5:46 pm
>> won't be we be dizzy? >> okay, guys, and making me dizzy. 6, 7, 8. i think i am going to pass out. i'm dizzy. you ever get dizzy doing that? >> sometimes. >> going to leave with the right leg. >> oh. good job, dave. >> remember your first day. it was not pretty. >> we both single. >> right. >> we love travel, we love entertaining the big crowd j. you're halfway there and you have to have that it factor. >> i don't have the it factor? it needs some work. >> oh, so do you. >> and i don't think you should do that either. >> here in the team. >> pop, pop, and up, down j. here, here. >> like the worm. >> i should be able to do this. >> is it hard to remember everything? check -- . >> be sexy, chest and butt, chest and butt. >> chest and butt, chest and butt. >> that is better. >> on 7 and we come together and start our two-8 count j. right. >> you're going left. go -- . >> right. >> you're going left, go right!
5:47 pm
get it together. >> can we buy you dinner? five, six -- . >> tails. >> we'll go sec. >> we go first in. >> good luck, you're going to need it. >> verbal cues will help. >> i'm going to need a little breathing room. thank you. >> what is he doing in. >> don't have the pom-poms in his hand. >> i think we got this. i think we have this. what is he doing? >> that was pretty good. great effort. >> reporter: don't know. >> and he's not smiling, there is no sexiness. i don't know. sabrina, what did he do wrong? didn't release the poms. ashley went one way, you went the other. >> i spun the right way. >> we'll each do it one more time. >> you got the mand down -- hand down.
5:48 pm
sexy! >> yeah. >> and clearly -- . >> i agree. and that is -- . >> you at home can decide. >> thank you guys very much. >> thank you. thank you. >> it was a terribly rough assignment. we didn't want to do it but felt someone had to do it and we volunteered. thanks to ashley, maya, sabrian atiana and taleza for showing us the ropes. i think you can judge who had the better rhythm and, obviously, who sold sexy more. >> clearly, you ready, laura, to tell him? >> dave ross. >> what? >> what? >> rossi. >> oh, feldy, not even close. >> hands down. >> you know what is so funny? >> laura and shawn, you two are so jealous of me. >> by the way, you're not single, feldy, don't go there. >> yeah, it was just for the piece. by the way, has anyone ever else said to dave rose, chest and butt, chest and butt to dave ross? i don't think so. >> i don't know. he worked yet out and won,
5:49 pm
feldy, sorry. >> what did -- why did he win? why? >> he -- . >> he was much sexier than you. >> and had the dances down better than you, feldy. >> okay. >> that's okay. >> the morning show people usually side with him. i thought i could count on my people in the evening. "brand of brothers" -- "band of brothers," you should watch it some type. >> go back to pilates. >> goodbye, feldy. >> you were paying attention. >> i enjoyed that piece. >> i bet you did. it's better than pilates and whatnot. >> i think feldy was watching things other than the move. >> no, no. >> it was a winner there. and certainly -- . >> well. >> all right. >> okay. the weather is the winner. >> yes. >> i know dave and dave very well. we see them every day. did you know that both of them had a fresh haircut? >> no. >> and i think even dave ross had makeup on, i am pretty sure. you want to look your best when you do dave versus dave. i didn't see him wearing makeup
5:50 pm
when they were fishing the other day. that is a pretty good picture out there. we waited most of the afternoon to bust the clouds, lots of sunshine and the humidity is up a bit. not too bad. the next few days and they're not going to be too bad in the temperature department; how far, i see heat coming back temporarily, maybe as soon as sunday out there and into monday and that is going to cool off, too. 85 degrees for the evening with some clouds and that is the pretty picture you saw up there. clouds at 9:00 to 81 degrees and some clouds at 11. 77 and we should stay dry in through the evening hours. if anything, we're talking a sprinkle here or there. 85 here in the city, gaithersburg is down to 81. frederick, up to 90 degrees and down to 88. culpeper, 90 degrees and by the water, look how much more comfortable, annapolis, 78 degrees and leonardtown, 77 and
5:51 pm
that is blowing across the water. the bay water is in the upper 70s, lower 80s and the heat index, there is still some moisture out there, it feels like it's 89 here in the city. culpeper, feels like it's 95. feels like it's 95 for fredericksburg, too and there is enough humidity to give us a bit of a heat index factor out there. in terps of rain, nothing much. there has been a couple of sprinkles this afternoon that we have seen on radar. nothing more than that and this evening, the hit-or-miss clouds around and that will stay dry out there. not a lot going on the next few days. it's going to bring us a great chance of rain. overnight tonight, just some clouds, cooler in the suburbs, we're talking middle 70sin up to and perhaps lower 70s, a few 60s in the subissues, the clouds tomorrow morning -- suburbs, clouds tomorrow and a mix of clouds and sunshine, 83. 87 degrees and still a little bit of humidity and ing that is going to be a little more -- and i think that is going to be
5:52 pm
a little more comfortable in the afternoon. the high temperature like today, 88 degrees or so and into saturday and sunday, we're talking about a little unsettleed pattern. sunday, 92. , monday, 94 and that is the one hot day coming up out of the next five. so, there is the forecast. i think we're going downstairs to laura in the web center. laura in. >> reporter: time to talk to dave buzz and i am joined by hot 99.5, sarah frazier. >> how are you? today, we have a few topics to cover starting with george clooney has a new woman by his side. >> you can believe it? he moved on quickly. >> a local girl. >> he moves on quickly. >> you would think a woman would get the picture that you're going to be -- at some point. i am not sure why george's going out with them. she's gorgeous. most recently you have probably seen her on "dancing with the stars." wwe wrestling, that's what she's known for, he flew her to his home in lake cuomo, italy j. and that is one way to entice a woman, right in.
5:53 pm
it's hard to say no to that. >> they're reportedly dating but the pr person said he's been filming for weeks. >> you want top how they met? >> just a good rumor. >> okay, here we go. and talking about president obama's 50th birthday. >> the big 5-0. >> yes. >> the party tonight. >> big party tonight j. had the fund raiser last night and tonight, there are celebs -- . >> had the fund raiser last night and there are celebs in town. >> we hear rumors that oprah is in up to and it's supposed to be a small intimate affair at the white house, what they had said. >> all right. >> jennifer hudson singing him happy birthday yesterday for the -- and some close intimate friends. >> has oprah been seen around town? >> no, we have tweets on our d.c. celebrity, our twitter d.c. celebrity guy. no sighting yet. we'll find out if they do j. okay, and we're having discussion ops line with people
5:54 pm
-- . >> okay, we're having discussions with people online about wedding planners, nice jackets and dress. people are going to the wedding with flip flops on? >> this is cool. out of baltimore, i was able to sit down with the wedding planner. lynette richardson and she was saying that new people are treating weddings like a barbeque. showing up so inappropriate, casual or like you're going to a night club. so she and cher staff and crew -- she and her staff and crew are bringing jackets and sweaters to the church and asking people to wear them during the ceremony. people are dressed so inappropriate. >> is it because it's summertime? >> the trend? people are just especially kind of younger people are not taking it seriously. they don't believe it's formal. or they believe that a wedding is an opportunity to meet someone and hook up, so i need to wear my best going out outfit. >> that is not appropriate for a wedding. >> and what else, chatting
5:55 pm
about the biggest wedding disasters and she gave us a guide. >> okay. >> and to what you should be waring. that is happening online now. >> okay. >> and help keep us online. >> thank you very much. and let's go to brian bolter and find out what is coming up next on the news edge at 6. you're talking about the president's 50th birthday. one restaurant in our area is selling burgers and shakes for 50 cents tonight as part of the celebration. we'll tell you where it is at 6. a new study finds many americans are not following the government's new myplate diet guideline. they can't. find out why. and tragedy in a home in maryland. a fire claimed the life of a five-year-old boy this morning. five other children rescued from the flames. we're talking to the heros who pulled them out of the smoke- filleddous. -- house. 
5:56 pm
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve
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and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. n[ where d.c. goes to get away.o busch gardens williamsburg, maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play.
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you never know who you'll run into. get started at >> in tonight's health news, a
5:59 pm
new type of liposuction using gps. it helps target areas of fat on the body and acts as a safety mechanism and making sure the right amount of laser is used on each patient. another benefit, it makes the skin tighter. the gps liposystem cuts down on a patient's risk of burs from the lazier and recovery time is quicker than traditional lipo. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> right off of the top tonight, two dramatic rescues and the early-morning fire that claimed the life of a five-year- old boy and left his two-year- old sister in serious condition. happening in the house of the brian's road rare of charles county. karen -- road area of charles county. karen has more. they pulled some of the kids out of the burn


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